Monday afternoon at AT&T Park, Nationals star Bryce Harper and Giants reliever Hunter Strickland were involved in a wild brawl after Strickland threw at Harper. It was in apparent retaliation for Harper taking him deep twice in the 2014 NLDS. Sort of lame, I say.

Anyway, at some point both Harper and Strickland will be suspended by MLB. Brawls like that don’t go unpunished. And if the Nationals are still in the Bay Area while Harper is serving his suspension, he has an open invite from gold medal winning Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky to hang out by the pool.

Harper and Ledecky have a bit of a history. She threw out the ceremony first pitch at Nationals Park last season, soon after the Olympics, and she made Harper hold all her medals:


Katie Ledecky made Bryce Harper hold her medals last year.

Then, after the Nationals clinched the NL East title in September, Harper was spotted wearing a Ledecky swimming cap during the clubhouse celebration:


Bryce Harper wore a Katie Ledecky swimming cap in the clubhouse last year.

There are worse ways to spend an MLB suspension than hanging out by the pool with an Olympic swimmer.


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